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"the band gains a considerable recognition value through their casual elegance and the extraordinary mix of styles..."

Rocktimes, Sept 2020

Get Ready To Rock review

Pulse magazine review

Batterie / percussions et lignes de basse insistent sur le côté funk, sax et guitares sont nettement jazzy, des incursions violonistiques à la Ponty, des claviers privilégiant de superbes harmonies, et une très belle voix masculine… que demander de plus ?...

"Warning" on the Indie Rock Cafe "best new Indie Rock" Playlist

Q-bizm’s “Black Truck” sounds like something that should launch the opening scene of a Guy Ritchie movie...Queen City Music Arts (Denver) Read More

3131 will groove off your Corduroy Shorts...Pure Grain Audio, Feb 2020

Twisted into a evaporation of aura and absolution, ‘Black Truck’ delivers with wit and calamitous inquisitiveness that defy gravity. .Comeherefloyd, Feb 2020

Q-bizm come with something out of the ordinary Palace Of Rock, 2019

Sometimes you come across an artist or band that, on the surface, just doesn't seem to have it. The packaging may be unimpressive or uninteresting, or the name of the band doesn't instill any kind of premonition of what the music might be about. These instances can have an adverse effect on one's opinion about the music before the first note is heard. Due to the art of advertising and promotion, the art of music can sometimes be overshadowed. And that is a crime.

This was the case with Q-Bizm, an Italy-based collection of musicians that sent me their 7-song self titled EP. This non-descript CD sat on my desk for several weeks before I finally managed to find some quiet time to listen to it. And after listening, I kicked myself for wasting my time with far inferior, slickly-packaged CDs by bands trying to be the next Foo Fighters.

Q-Bizm creates music that may be difficult to classify. Frontman and Bassist, Filippo Gaetani likes to call their music "new progressive", which may be a excellent description, especially when you open a dictionary to the word "progressive" and see "moving forward, advancing, ongoing…" This music is definitely progressive. But it still doesn't describe it in musical genre terms. Let's try calling it Jazz. Or Funk. Or Classical. Or Jazzy classical funk.

Various percussion techniques and heavy bass lines bring the funk elements to the surface, while sax solos and jazzy guitars lend to the jazz feel. Electric and acoustic violin add the classical flavor to some tracks, and the vocals of Filippo are simply complimentary to the music (rather then a focal point).

"Lessons to Learn" is a great funk-rock tune, that I imagine started off as a endless jam session, complete with solos for everyone – bass, guitar, sax, drums – that vocals just polished off. "Icarus" is a darker jazz tune that leans on the interesting mix of electric violin, bass and sax. "Compact the File" could easily be mistaken for a lost Steely Dan song, a fun rock tune with heavy horns and cleaver percussion. Live recordings of "Low Sprinkler" and "Down Home" sound like entertaining jams at a small jazz club.

These are seasoned musicians, not a startup garage band. Their music is crisp, clean, emotional, fun and challenging. Their collective bios list interests and influences ranging from Bach to Zappa, from Elvis to Tom Waits. And the listener can definitely feel these varied influences through their music.

Q-Bizm has more interest in the art of music then in the art of promotion, and for that, they may pay the price of obscurity. But for the fortunate few that get to hear their music – their ears will be thankful. Michael Walls, 2003


Mozart On Drugs 

If Mozart were ever to experiment with some serious drugs, this would be the result of his madness. This is awesome! The disjointed piano and violin harmonies here are really neato. This is definitely experimental jazz no doubt and very different sounding. Cool effects are being used here. Sax is done nicely to match the rest of the chilled madness. Very good experimental stuff. Cool! 

- Karma_Diver 


July 22nd, 2005 


Hipnotic, smooth, and exotic ! 

Like the wafting aroma of hashish lingering across the busy market bazaar, this intoxicating number tastes of worldly spices from every sensuous flavor in the global community! 

An arrangement steeped in mood and mystique, the rhythmic allure is more than enticing. Exotic melodic fragrances grace the senses with a hint of luxury, a promise of plush texture, and the sly feel of model manipulation - man, this is more than a listening experience... It's a momentary excursion off to far away places, where faces familiar and strange blend into an atmosphere of calculated chaos, where peaceful pause and hectic harmony merge as one. 

Modern electronic technology, acoustic and midi instrumentation, voices and vessels of spirit all combine in this orchestrated offering -- no place you've ever been before, and there you are, transcended... Fan-freakin-tastic! And it's a legal high! 

The musicianship gracing this performance is woven from the zone of masters. Violin phrasing that would make Jean-Luc Ponty tingle with delight! Drumming that would challenge Peter Erskine's sense of feel! Bass playing that would make Charlie Mingus weep! A world jazz savoire too rich for the traditionalist invites them in for a glimpse of the far horizon. 

Dynamic nuances embellish this exotic gem like jewels in sunlight, unexpected changes, turns at unforseen corners, a soundscape unparallelled. Words only fall flat in describing this trip! This is an experience that simply has to be experienced! Absolutely awesome! 

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Bass, Programming, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm. 

Ken Hart

- Detective-NY

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