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Guitarist ETN Hunyady, drummer Francesco Corrias and Filippo Gaetani first played together in the summer of 1996. Although they live far from each other, Q-bizm managed to record one album in 2003 (Vivid) with Saxophonist Alessandro Riccucci and violinist Stefano Lunardi. In 2018 they have written new material and recorded a second album to be released soon. Joining in the new sessions is keyboard player Francesco Longhi (Dark Quarterer). 

Q-bzim diverse musical backgrounds determine the mix of home grown funk as well as progressive rock found on the new album which ranges from imaginary Spaghetti Western as well as Acid Jazz and French Film Noir soundtrack. Familiar sounds and influences: Zappa, Steely Dan, Soullive, Jellyfish, Mezzoforte, Tauk, JagaJazzist, Goblin, Beatles...

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